About Counselling is an organisation whose primary goal is connecting you to the worlds best Counsellors and Psychotherapists. We provide a solution to both Counsellors and those members who are proactively wanting some assistance.

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About Counselling

Our goal is to connect you to the best counsellors and psychotherapist the world has to offer. We want to congratulate you for coming to the site and making this first step of research to find a solution to your problem.

We offer a wide range of services that break up counsellors/psychotherapists into the skillsets that they offer and provide. You may just want general counselling which is fine too. Please review our services or book an appointment today in confidence.


Step 1

Review our Services and select a Counsellor that suits your needs.

Step 2

Book a date & time that suits you then all you need is internet access with a device that has Zoom installed on it.

Step 3

Meet your Counsellor for an online encrypted chat that we have integrated into this process.