4 beautiful and easy outdoor craft activities you need to try this summer

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June 25, 2022
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4 beautiful and easy outdoor craft activities you need to try this summer

Delight your detects as well as welcome the outdoors with these 4, enjoyable summer season blossom crafts that every person can appreciate

Nature ruptureds to life in summer season, as well as is bountiful with colour, appearance, as well as scent– a sensory joy. We can harness this power to stir up all our detects via crafting with blossoms, as well as youngsters will certainly enjoy to take part!

Right here, we consider 4 attractive, summer season blossom crafts that commemorate the period, as well as maximize dropped blossoms.

Searching for blossoms to craft with

Blossom crafts are a joy, however you have to be conscious where you resource your blossoms.

If you do not have a wealth of dropped blossoms, or an extra of domestic blossoms to select from, after that you can constantly purchase a seasonal arrangement, as well as when done, repurpose the blossoms right into a craft rather than tossing them away.

Dandelions blossom from May throughout to October. Selecting the blossom will certainly not eliminate the plant as it accumulates power in the origins, allowing it to grow back. Individuals often tend to consider them as weeds, however pests enjoy them, so do just select where they remain in abundant supply.

Secret Messages

Did you understand that you can compose secret messages with dandelions? The technique is that dandelion stems include sap. This is clear while it’s damp, however transforms brownish when it dries out, so you can utilize it to compose secret messages.

You will certainly require:

  • A dandelion
  • A notepad


1. Select a dandelion blossom at the base of the stalk, where it satisfies the plant. You need to have the ability to see sap at the end of the stem.
2. Hold the stalk like a pencil, as well as utilize the sap end to compose your message on a paper.
3. If your sap goes out, break a bit of the stem off. The brand-new end will certainly have much more sap on it.
4. Your paper will certainly look empty initially, once the sap dries your message will certainly be disclosed!

Blossom crowns

Blossom crowns are a point of appeal, and also as beautiful to put on as they are enjoyable to make.

You will certainly require:

  • Blossoms with lengthy stems
  • Leafed vegetation, such as ivy
  • A pre-made all-natural willow branch wreath (optional)


1. Beginning with 2 long-stemmed blossoms. Provide a dip in fresh water so they will certainly last much longer. Make a slit in the stem of one with your thumbnail, as well as string the various other stem via.
2. Maintain threading via vegetation or blossoms up until you have an item that’s long sufficient to fit about your head, after that knot or turn completions with each other to make a circle.
3. As Soon As you have your standard circle, you can weave much more blossoms, leaves, as well as prizes of nature right into it.
4. For a much easier blossom crown, utilize a pre-made all-natural willow branch wreath, as well as just put your blossoms as well as vegetation right into it.


Hapa Zome

Hapa Zome is a standard Japanese art of ‘slamming’ blossoms as well as leaves right into textile, so their all-natural colours make a print. You can additionally utilize card if liked.

You will certainly require:

  • An item of cotton textile (white jobs best), or an item of card
  • Fresh blossoms
  • Vibrant fallen leaves
  • A cutting board
  • A rolling pin


1. Location your textile in addition to a cutting board, as well as set up the blossoms as well as leaves face down on the side of the textile you intend to publish on. Location an additional item of textile on the top.
2. Utilize a moving pin to delicately slam the top of the textile, so the blossoms make prints.
3. Get rid of the leading item of textile, as well as entrust to completely dry.
4 Iron the towel to ‘take care of’ it so the colours last.

You can utilize your prints to make an art piece, a card, present cover, a flag, or perhaps bunting.

Blossom stamps

This enjoyable strategy creates attractive art pieces, or present cover.

You will certainly require:

  • Repaints
  • Blossoms with big heads (like gerbera as well as sunflowers)


1. Merely dip the blossom heads right into paints, as well as make your patterns on towel or paper.
2. Entrust to completely dry.

Bear In Mind: if you repaint on towel, location an additional item of towel over the top prior to ironing to repair it.

Welcome the marvel of miserably excellent nature. Nature crafting is unpleasant as well as incomplete; there are no straight lines in nature. So unwind, appreciate, absorb the fragrance, as well as enjoy the colours. Nature crafting is an experience that’s even more essential than completion item.



Becky Goddard-Hill is the co-author of ‘A Year of Nature Craft as well as Play’– a publication loaded with year-round nature crafting suggestions (Collins, ₤ 12.99).

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