5 mindful activities for couples

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August 24, 2021
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5 mindful activities for couples

Spend some quality time together, with these five mindful activities for couples

Offer a sensual massage

You don’t have to be a master masseuse to take your partner on a relaxing mind and body journey. YouTube has a huge selection of tutorials for basic massage techniques that you can try out. Just remember, take it slow, keep it simple, and tune-in to what works for your partner.

Create a shared vision board

Vision boards are all about putting together a picture of the future that you want. What’s the next step in your relationship? Perhaps there’s an experience you always wanted to try together, a project you want to undertake, or maybe there are big life milestones waiting for you just around the corner, such as buying a house, or heading into retirement. Whatever it is, get creative and visualise your future on the board.

Spend time in nature together

Tuning-in to the sensations of the natural world around us can transform our mindset – and getting back to your roots with your partner by your side makes it all the more rewarding. Do you have a favourite spot that has a special meaning to you? A view that takes your breath away? Or a route you have fond memories of walking together? Tie your laces and head on out.


Declutter your space

It may sound more like a chore than an exercise in mindfulness, but you could be surprised at how cleaning and tidying can help us to switch off and unwind. Choose an area of your home you want to focus on. If your aim is to declutter, take a moment to consider each item you come across – does it have a particular meaning to you? Does it spark any emotions? And once you’re done, you can both relax in a fresh, clean environment.

Couples yoga

When you think of ‘couples yoga’, your mind may automatically go to the acrobatic feats often shared online. But, in reality, couples yoga can be done at any level, and is much more about tuning-in to each other’s bodies, aligning your breath, and finding support in your partner, than it is about pulling off impressive shapes. Search on YouTube for free introductory videos.

For more information on how mindful activities can benefit your relationship, visit counselling-directory.org.uk

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