The following Explainer video has been completed for Counsellors/Psychotherapists alike to explain each aspect of their Counselling dashboard area and how they set up their hours, rates, staff, days off. Etc. If the answer to your question is not here, feel free to contact us but please do review the view and FAQs first. Thank you.

The About Counselling Team

Frequently Asked Questions- For Counsellors/Psychotherapists

1 What do I have to provide in this sign-up process?

We have to verify that you are who you say you are and that you are qualified to give Counselling and Psychotherapy to clients. You can do this by providing us a previous link to another association that you are with e.g. URL/Web link to show that you are registered on another known association such as the IACP (Ireland) or Licensed professional counsellors (LPCs) in America for example. If you are not associated with another organization then we need you to provide proof of your qualifications and we will also contact you to get some other basic details. *the email associated with the accredited association must be the same initially on signup.

2Now that I have provided my documentation what happens next?

Once approved, you will receive a username and password that will allow you to access the AboutCounselling website. This access will allow you to have Staff access to the site and also allow you to access your Booknetic Dashboard where you will see all your appointments.

3How can I teach myself all about adding my hours, days off, add my own appointments, change my rates, add other staff, look at payments, my customers, etc.?
All of this information is within our Booknetic section of your WordPress login. Please refer to our detailed explanation of how to use your WordPress and Booknetic dashboards here
4How do I get paid?
When we contact you to add you to the system we will take IBAN, Paypal, or other banking details so we can transfer the counselling session fee minus 15% fee to About Counselling for this service.
5Will i get reminded about my appointments ?

Yes, you will, you will receive an email reminder 30 minutes before the appointment starts and so will the client. *Sms reminding will also be coming online shortly

6Are Receipts for Customers issued?

Yes, an automatic receipt is sent to the client straight after the meeting. You can see your own record of this meeting in your dashboard under appointments tap and it also can be seen in the payments tab. 

7What if I have further questions?
Yes please go to the menu system and open a support ticket under the Support tab and we will address any concerns as soon as possible. Any urgent concerns please email us directly at [email protected] 
8How to i send clients notifications they've missed

If you tick the "Send notifications" checkbox below while editing the appointment, a notification will be sent to both the customer and the staff. The answer to both of your questions lies in this feature. However, the appointment status must be changed in order to send the notifications.

You change the Appointment status once (If the appointment status is Approved, change it to Pending), but this time do not tick the "Send notifications" checkbox and Save. Then you edit the Appointment again and make the Appointment status as you want (change back to Approved) and tick the "Send notifications" checkbox. In this case, the Zoom link and Invoice will be sent back to your customer.