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  • About Counselling helping me get through some issues i had been holding onto for some time. I now feel empowered and i am proud i went through the process. Its ok to say your not ok. Its taking action and coming out the other side is what matters.
    Brandon Ross
  • Amazing experience, at first i was sceptical that this could do me any good but as the weeks past by i felt empowered by my counsellor. Now i am a much more confident person and happy i made the first steps to engage and to talk about my problems. I now own them and feel much happier in myself as a person.
    Kevin Perry
  • I can really recommend this service as life-altering, it has allowed me to connect to psychotherapy professionals who have been amazingly compassionate & great listeners for the lastest number of months. I experienced healing in this process and would really recommend.
    Tom Johnson


The About Counselling Team


The About Counselling team steams from a team qualified in Psychotheraphy with a twenty one year career helping people in both government and private sector. About Counselling has vast experience in both helping and healing people. About Counselling comprises of only the best Psychotherapists that are qualified in Counselling & Psychotherapy. Our goal is to provide help to the world via online encrypted means so you can receive the help you deserve, in complete confidence. The first step is always the hardest.