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Types of Counselling Explained

About Counselling offers a wide range of counselling service from different types of counsellors, with individual skillsets in many areas. We also have a wide range of counsellors that can cater for counselling 24/7 365 days a year so help is on hand whenever you need it. 

How we've helped

"I cant thank the AboutCounselling team enough. In my current situation i am not able to meet a counsellor but this service has allowed me weekly and sometimes bi-weekly contact with my counsellor who has been amazing. Thank you again" John

"I was suffering badly from stress and anxiety for the longest time, I wouldn't admit it. I reached out to the About Counselling Team & now i have regular sessions with a counsellor who couldn't be more supportive & compassionate. I love this service."


"With the stress of the pandemic, we decided as a family to attend a professional from About Counselling. Initially, it was tough but then we started to see other perspectives and the love returned to our family. I would highly recommend this services"

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