March 3, 2021

5 ways to transport yourself with food

Go on a journey with these five bite-sized servings of meal inspiration It’s a sense that has the power to completely transport us to another time […]
April 8, 2021

Food banks: What, where, and why?

Demand for food banks is on the rise in the UK. Whether you’re looking for support yourself, or you want to help out, we’ve gathered together […]
April 20, 2021

Dr Joshua Wolrich: Food isn’t medicine

Dr Joshua Wolrich, NHS surgical doctor and author of Food isn’t Medicine: Challenge Nutrib&llocks and Escape the Diet Trap, joins Happiful’s podcast to talk about diet […]
November 6, 2021

Five tips for dealing with food guilt

With help from a nutritional therapist, we share some top tips for taking food guilt off the table If you’ve ever found yourself unfairly berating yourself […]
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