What can Greek philosophy teach us about the art of happiness?

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September 16, 2022
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September 20, 2022

What can Greek philosophy teach us about the art of happiness?

Just how the concepts of an old Greek thinker might aid you locate real internal pleasure today

For the large bulk of individuals, the need to be pleased is among the core incentives in this life.

Whether we knowingly know it or otherwise, the reason we function in the direction of particular monetary, job, or individual objectives, is typically since our team believe that attaining these points will certainly aid us to end up being better than we are currently.

As Well As it coincides tale with our connections, social tasks, leisure activities, rate of interests– as well as also for when we may make a decision to simply kick back your home all day, not doing anything.

Yes, we might often appear to choose that are not always helpful for us whatsoever in the long-lasting. However, also below, the core factor is usually since we are just craving a yet unrealised type of joy.

However this is the trouble: the extra we seek joy in any one of its types, the extra we understand simply exactly how challenging it is to truly hang on to.


I make sure we have all seasoned times when that success we functioned so tough for becomes, in some way, not just as good as we constantly pictured it to be. Or when a temporary enjoyment never ever fairly provides us that lasting joy that we truly require.

So, with that said holding true, it is truly not a surprise that much of us may really feel entirely shed when confronted with the concern: “Just how can I more than happy?”

The fact is, joy suggests various points to various individuals– as well as (unfortunately) there is no global trick to locating it.

Nevertheless, we can still offer ourselves the very best feasible possibility of locating actual joy by approaching our life in a much more thoughtful method. As well as, this is the major function of this post. To dive a little much deeper right into the actual ‘art of joy’ using the understandings of an old Greek thinker referred to as Epicurus.

Currently, equally as a fast side note, if you have actually listened to the name “Epicurus” or “Epicurean” prior to, after that it might well have actually remained in the context of explaining a person that is hedonic, or living a life of extra.

As well as, as a matter of fact, also considering that the extremely earliest days of Epicurean approach– which began in a small yard academy around 300 BC– this has actually been among its most usual misstatements. Due to the fact that, certainly, if we live our life just with the objective of being as pleased as we potentially can, after that there is a likelihood we may wander off progressively in the direction of a life of countless partying, overindulgence, as well as pleasure-seeking, giving up all various other individual duties.

Nevertheless, when it pertains to Epicurus’ actual ideas on living a pleased life, the message might not be extra various. Yes, he promoted for joy being our best objective in life. However he likewise urged that the very best method to in fact approach this “quest of joy” is constantly with a theorist’s way of thinking.

To put it simply, this is not around coping with complete desertion. Instead, it is urging us to come close to every circumstance– as well as every lure– with a critical mind. Asking: “Will this specific enjoyment truly bring me enduring joy? Or will it just bring momentary enjoyment, which might result in unfavorable results over time?”

As an instance, allow’s think about a person that takes pleasure in playing computer game in their leisure. If they utilize this leisure activity as a method to get in touch with pals, or to turn off from the stress of job, after that, plainly, it is something that brings enduring joy in their life. As well as, thus, can of course be appreciated without shame.


Nevertheless, if the exact same individual begins ending up being so eaten by their ‘satisfaction’ of the computer game that they start playing fanatically, or keeping up all hrs of the night and day, to the factor that it adversely affects their physical or psychological well-being, as well as damages their capability to operate at the office or institution after that, plainly, the leisure activity has actually ended up being extra damaging to their general lifestyle. As well as, consequently, must be quit, since it is no more valuable to their long-lasting joy.

So you see, the concern is not with the video clip pc gaming itself, instead it is the fashion in which such a task is appreciated. Just like just how our much-loved food can be exceptionally delightful in small amounts, yet makes us really feel fairly weak if pigged out. Or just how a purchasing journey benefits some moderate shopping, yet negative if we wind up costs every cent we have consequently.

Basically, all points have to do with locating equilibrium. As well as, because feeling, the approach of Epicurus can practically be imagined like among those antique evaluating ranges– where we are attempting to consider what we do currently, together with whether it will in fact make our life better in the long-lasting.

As well as keep in mind, there are numerous celebrations in this life where our long-lasting joy is in fact just accomplished after a duration of temporary pain. For instance, when the battle of workout can lead us to attaining a much healthier body. Or, when a duration of extreme anxiousness as well as uneasiness can be found in combination with our quest of that desire work, or brand-new connections.

If we were living for temporary enjoyment alone, we would most likely stay clear of every one of these points from the beginning! However, if we remember Epicurus’ way of thinking of: “Is this mosting likely to benefit my general joy in the long-lasting?” after that, we can in fact begin to locate pleasure in pain, also. Due to the fact that we understand that it is all component of a procedure– leading us to something much better.

So, once more, having joy as our basic objective in life is not something to really feel guilty around. Actually, it is vital to our extremely nature.

However, for that extremely factor, it is much more essential to seek it extra mindfully.

As well as to keep in mind that actual, enduring joy is not practically temporary product satisfaction. Instead, it is something a lot wider. It is located crazes like favorable connections, going after a job, adding something purposeful to the globe, or, most notably, locating a feeling of satisfaction within ourselves.

Since, besides, if joy is our basic objective– after that it has to likewise be our internal truth, also.

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